Discover the Ekibio Charter (in French), which informs all of our SER programme.

Working the land of possibility

Organic contributes to the planet’s wellbeing, through each person’s wellbeing. Since 1988, the Group has ceaselessly nurtured this belief in its strategic decision-making, inspired – quite logically – by organic farming practices.

Ekibio cultivates an environment favourable to a more organic world…

  • Working in France and elsewhere with organic farmers to build prosperous, fair and solidarity-based farming supply chains over the long term.
  • Fostering the "inshoring" of organic farming by harnessing French production potential.
  • Promoting Organic as the healthy life choice that meets consumers' expectations and concerns around health, ethics, the environment...
  • Offer branded products that are 100% organic and eco-friendly, through specialist shops in France and worldwide.

Ekibio maintains the equilibria needed for organic market growth…

Ekibio enriches Biodiversity…

  • Expanding responsible consumer choices through an increasingly dynamic organic offering .
  • Promoting a diet that is eco-friendly, varied, healthy, tasty and high quality, based on living products with high nutritional value.
  • Offering a practical lifestyle with effective, high-quality eco-products that have a low environmental impact.