Didier Perréol, Ekibio's founder and chairman, and Charles Kloboukoff, Léa Nature's founder and chairman. Organic pioneers in France

The top independent French group for organic products

Compagnie Biodiversité, which includes Ekibio, has 1,000-plus employees and 10 production sites in France, and turnover of €190m.

Created by Charles Kloboukoff in 2009, the Compagnie Biodiversité holding company spans the Léa Nature group (health, cosmetics, health foods, food), founded in 1993; the Biolea group (organic ready-made dishes, organic fruit and vegetable juices), founded in 2010 with the help of Daniel Gevaert; and the Ekibio group (food, personal and home care products), founded by Didier Perréol in 1988.

Since 2014, Compagnie Biodiversité has held 70% of Ekibio, thereby sealing the union between the two leaders of France's organic revolution, privately owned by French shareholders. Ekibio and Léa Nature share a common history of successful family businesses, built on an unwavering commitment to organic farming, the consolidation of French organic manufacturing SMEs, and the marketing of leading brands.

Didier Perréol (Ekibio's founder and chairman) and Charles Kloboukoff (Léa Nature's founder and chairman) are both visionary leaders with the same philosophy about Organic and the same belief in a business model that revolves around people, product innovation, independence, expanding the organic farming sector, valuing the land ...

For them, a more organic world is a better world.

Compagnie Biodiversité now spans 21 organic brands and 2,500 products, which are forging ahead in their long-standing distribution channels: organic shops only for Ekibio, and mostly high-volume retailers for Léa Nature.



Charles Kloboukoff, chairman of the Compagnie Biodiversité board, and Didier Perréol, deputy chairman, have set strategic targets. The sharing of knowledge, the pooling of manufacturing resources, and ecological and social cooperation alliances must primarily make it possible to...
  • Develop alternatives to the organic agro-industry of multinationals and investment funds.
  • Continue creating French organic and solidarity-based agricultural and plant supply chains, and preferably source crops locally.
  • Develop strong brands with a quality/traceability policy, and export them worldwide.
  • Development human-scale production/processing plants, as near as possible to farmland and farms.
  • Manufacture in France and retain "green" jobs in the regions.
  • Support common-interest projects through business foundations: raising awareness, protection, reforestation, and the restoration of nature and biodiversity on one hand (Léa Nature/Jardin BiO'), to a value of almost €1m a year; and, on the other hand, raising awareness of the key role of ecological food and promoting healthy eating (Ekibio) through a major initiative, the "Organic Food in the Stars" event.

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